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May God bless the Pastors and Bible Teachers all over the world, we thank God that Sermons to the World is now reaching 152 countries and all 50 States and The District of Columbia in the U.S.


Mission: To be a resource to Pastors and Bible teachers in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. – Sermons to the World


Vision: To reach the world on the internet to fulfill the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 – “to go into all the world and teach all nations”.

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"Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household." Acts 16:31


Dear Viewers,

This is a real story that happened in two people’s lives how God brought them and used for His glory.  If we look into the New Testament our Savior Jesus before sending his disciples He gave some instructions and sends them two by two.

Many of the times we think that we can’t do or achieve greater things for the Lord.  William Carey said "Expect Great Things; Attempt Great Things". 

The story began in the year of 2007 June with Face Book,  these pastors never met each other face to face and they stay 7522 miles away,  where Pas. Francis happened to open his account and get in touch with Pas. Mark Taylor through Face Book.

One of the good and encouraging spirit pastor Mark has that every week he sends his sermons to his contacts through face book and mails.  Out of which Pas. Francis received many inspiring messages from Mark.  When Pas. Francis experienced the God’s blessing by reading and preaching at different places of Indian villages.  Many are touched and turned towards God and committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

God is using mightily both of these pastors in their respective places. Pastor Mark pasturing a local church of about 100 people who attend Each Sunday. The lord has allowed him to preach the gospel in Local churches, jails, and nursing homes for the past 40 years. This site is dedicated to the lord Jesus Christ for all he has done in both the pastors’ lives. Pastors, Bible Teachers, and believers who are studying the Word of God have my permission to freely copy, edit, and reproduce these sermons in your own language for the Glory of God. 

Pas Francis has a desire to attempt great things for God and this is the time God spoke with Pas Francis to create a web-site, that all the sermons which are preached by Pas Mark and Pas Francis, need to spread to the perishing souls around the world.  

Since the Pas.  Francis knows the web-programming, which he learned 10 years back and as per God’s guidance he created and designed the

Initially Francis struggled a day and night to create this site; he completely depended upon God to create this site.

Pas. Mark and Pas. Francis both of them doing hard work on their part through writing the sermons under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and there are times prayed with tears for viewers to know the Love of our Heavenly Father.   Receiving many prayer requests from our viewers and we are praying for them.

The site viewers began with 1 Nation India since it is founded by Pas. Francis and later USA.  Now this website is reaching 113 Nations to view Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is how when we use our talents for God’s glory definitely you too can "Expect Great Things; Attempt Great Things for God" 

Founders and Internet Missionaries

 Pas Mark  and Pas Francis