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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How I Can Be Free From Self-Destructive Behaviors

How I Can Be Free From Self-Destructive Behaviors
Pastor Mark Taylor
(Notes From A Sermon By Pastor Rick Warren)

Seven Self-Destructive Behaviors

  1. Shame - You cannot be happy and ashamed and guilty at the same time.
  2. Uncontrolled Thoughts -  You have a choice about what you think about
  3. Compulsions - inner drives - I just had to do it - no you did not.
  4. Fear - Fear of not having enough or being enough.
  5. Hopelessness -  Long term thinking about the future.
  6. Bitterness - life is unfair and you get envious and hurt yourself. 
  7. Insecurity - God will never stop loving you.

How can I be Free From Me?  

  1. I must remind myself daily what Jesus did for me.  Romans 8:1-4.  Jesus paid for your sins if you belong to Him.  No condemnation.  You have new power instead of just will-power..  Laws do work on outside behavior no inside change.  Self help programs do not change your nature.  You can’t act like a believer until you are one.  Your desire will change when the Holy Spirit come into your life.  You start with your mind.  You cannot change your actions or your feelings until you change your thinking.  
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to give me better thoughts.  Romans 5-6.  You have to choose your mind set from a life of self-destruction or of a mind of life and peace.  Principle of Replacement.  When you want to change something in your mind you don’t just resist it, but you replace it.  Whatever you focus your attention on will get your attention.  If you want to break any bad habit in your life it is more than just resisting it, it is refocusing.  When you replace it, it does not have power over you.  You choose what you focus on.  If you are a believer you have the help of the Holy Spirit.
  3. I realize I have a new ability to say “no”.  Will power is not enough.  Romans 8:9, 12.   Galatians 5:16.  You will have the same desires and temptations, but you won’t fulfill them.  Not everything that is natural is good for you.  Anger is natural.   Having an affair is a natural desire.  Moments of compulsion.   What you feel like doing is not always best for you or others.

  1. Turn my thoughts to God whenever I’m afraid. Romans 8:14-16. Antidotes to fear:  remember you are a child of God, and you have family protection.  Ask God to take care of your fear.  Second you call out to your Father.  The number one fear people have is being out of control.  Crazy people are not afraid of being crazy.  “I may be broken, but I am not crazy.”  2 Timothy 1:7 - God has not given us a spirit of Fear but of power, love, and self-control.  The more you are controlled by the Holy Spirit the more control you will have over our self.
  2. Focus on the long-term, not the short term!  Romans 8: 17-18. The longer term your thinking is the more successful you will be, the shorter term will keep you from being successful.  Eternity is long-term thinking.  You are able to handle short term problems when you have long-term thinking.  You will be rewarded when you get to Heaven for thinking and doing right.  You will be sharing with Christ His glory forever.  Our short-term suffering will only last for awhile or rewards will last for ever.  
  3. Remind myself that God is good and in control.  Romans 8:19-25.  Everything in the world is broken and frustrated because of sin.  The result is pain.   The result of pain is bitterness.    Four things to get over bitterness:  1.  The Holy Spirit is praying for me (v. 26-27).  2.  God is using everything for good in my life (v. 28).  God is greater than my problems.  3.  God wants you to succeed (v. 31).  If God is for us, who can be against you.   4.  God will give you what you need.  (v. 32).
  4. Trust that God will never stop loving me .  Romans 8:38-39  Insecurity - feeling rejected - nothing can separate us from the love of God.