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May God bless the Pastors and Bible Teachers all over the world, we thank God that Sermons to the World is now reaching 152 countries and all 50 States and The District of Columbia in the U.S.


Mission: To be a resource to Pastors and Bible teachers in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. – Sermons to the World


Vision: To reach the world on the internet to fulfill the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 – “to go into all the world and teach all nations”.

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"Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household." Acts 16:31


Pastor Stanley is the fifth Son of Francis Mukhwana and Mary Nasimiyu. Both parents 

are living. They had 14 children, 9 of which are still living. He married Celestine in 2005, 

and they have one son, Ezra Abishai, born in 2006. No one from his family acquired a 

decent education. His parents did not know God, and all of their children were brought up 

in abject poverty. His father was given to excessive drunkenness, a habit he has been 

infamous for until now. 

 Pastor Stanley sat for his Kenya Certificate for Primary Education exam in 2002 and 

passed but could not proceed due to financial constraints.

 The Lord called him to preach when he was 14 years old shortly after giving his life to 
 Christ in 1995. Right away, he got involved with church work at a local church where he 
 regularly attended. God spoke to him many times about what seemed clear that the Lord 
 was calling him into ministry. He did not resist the voice of God but obeyed and followed 
 Him. In 1999, he got baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. He served as a Sunday 
 School teacher for Pastor Stanley, children and youths. In 2001, his pastor gave him the 
 responsibility of teaching in the church. In 2002, Pastor Stanley got involved in his 
 church mission evangelistic team as an evangelist. They visited various places in Kenya 
 where he would preach in meetings.
In 2005, he was made a pastor of a young church in a remote area. God used him there to 
 make that church grow. He also was able to mobilize the congregation to purchase land on 
 which that church is now built.

In the last five years, he has conducted seminars and open air meetings . God has been 

using him especially in preaching the message “Setting the Captives Free.” In his ministry 

around Kenya, he has witnessed instances where sick people have been healed by the power 

of God . People have come to Christ in such meetings. His work with other pastors has led 

to several more churches being planted. 

 Pastor Stanley and his wife also run a school where most of the children are orphans and 

vulnerable. The school started with 19 children and now the number has grown to 104. His 

Orphanage School does not get any support from the Government or any organizations. 

They receive only a very little contribution from well wishers. 

In November last year, God directed him to start a church at one of the busiest 
 agribusiness centers in Kenya called Chwele. They started as a house fellowship. The 
 number of attendees is growing by the day. God has given him favor in that place. They will soon move into their new church building. His church is affiliated with Neno Evangelism Church. Neno is a Kiswahili word meaning "Word". Many of the local churches under this ministry are autonomous but administratively accountable to regional leaders.